The purpose of this document is to clearly identify:

  • Project goals
  • Project requirements to meet those goals
  • Project specifications to meet those requirements


  1. Provide a place where users deplatformed from other sites can share news, meme, and otherwise interact.



  1. To the greatest extent possible, mimic reddit functionality without allowing board moderators to censor users
  2. No advertising, donations only (to avoid contractual obligations to advertisers)


  1. Allow submission of links and text
  2. Allow commenting on submissions
  3. Allow commenting on comments
  4. Allow up/down voting on submissions and comments
  5. Sort submissions by new, hot, etc
  6. Allow users to delete their own content
  7. Allow users to report rule-breaking submissions and comments


Several layers of administrative privilege will be implemented

Integer Name Suggested permissions Type of user
0 User None Everyone and anyone
1 Admin Emeritus Distinguish comments Former employees
2 Admin Distinguish comments. Basic, non-T&S features Non-tech staff (ex. legal). NDA/agreement required.
3 Junior Dev Remove content Vetted contributors
4 Senior Dev Issue bans Trust+Safety
5 Deputy Owner Add/remove lower ranks Part owners
6 Owner Direct Heroku/database access Majority owners only.



Layer Tech
Host Heroku
WSGI Gunicorn
Server Python Flask
ORM SQLalchemy
Database PostgreSQL


  1. Password column is salted and hashed - no plaintext
  2. Failure to login error does not specify if username or password is incorrect
  3. Industry standard cryptography (or better, where possible) used everywhere appropriate
  4. Form tokens used to prevent CSRF


During development, free resources are used. As the platform is launched, resources will be upgraded/migrated to paid variants

Service Plan Function Justification Upgrade Timing $/month
Heroku PostgreSQL Standard 0 Database Rollbacks, fork+follow, no row limit, 64GB storage As 10k row limit on free db is approached $50
Adminium Startup Database Administration Removes 5 table cap Once a 6th table is needed $10
Heroku Dynos Hobby Run the server Performance metrics, no sleeping Already done $7
Papertrail Choklad Logging Log searching beyond 2 days not yet needed n/a $0
Mailgun Concept Email sending Email verification and password resets n/a $0
Total         $67